• Coursework: where I log my weekly tasks and activities.

Week 1: 25th January-1st February 2019.

I have purchased a new camera lens (Canon MP-E 65mm f2.8 5:1 Macro lens) which has helped me to explore a new style. I love how I am able to capture the colour and small detail of the petals and fine details of the dried grass. I feel I still need to work on my deep of field, maybe focus stacking is something I could investigate into more. What I love most about this development is the colour, the idea of one monochrome of a minimalist colour palette.

Unfortunately, due to the weather, I am not able to take my images outside so instead, I have had to come up with an alternative way to be creative. I had to set my photography shoots myself indoors, this was good for my own development because I am so used to shooting using natural lighting that I had to learn how to use a flash. I was strongly inspired by the monochrome hues. I have been focusing on the formal elements, shape, form and colour. I do like how the four images together actually work very well. I experimented by adding liquid to the images too.

Week 2: 1st February-8th February 2019.

This week I have included the element of my water droplet art plus macro photography. I have still looked at the monochrome of one hue and keeping my work minimalistic.

Week 3: 8th February-15th February 2019.

Week 4: 15th February-22nd February 2019.



Week 5: 22nd February-1st March 2019.

Week 6: 1st March- 8th March 2019.


Week 7: 8th March-15th March 2019.

Week 8: 15th March-22nd March 2019.

Week 9: 22nd March-29th March 2019.

Week 10: 29th March-5th April 2019.

Week 11: 5th April-12th April 2019.

 Week 12: 12th April-19th April 2019.


26th April 2019:

Inspired by Alan Shapiro.



28th April 2019