Week 1 Forum: Looking Back

I did plan to complete the task, but unfortunately, I was not able to so I have done alternatively task instead.

I am from Medway; some areas are lovely and some are not. Rochester happens to be a lovely area which is packed of history including Rochester castle. When you walk down the Rochester High street you are transformed back in time with the different architecture and atmosphere. While I was visiting Rochester, I went into the antique shops and come across old photographic postcards which were taken of Rochester, so I decided to revisit the locations and take images in the present time. I decided to experiment with pass and present on photoshop, the outcome is something totally not my style but an interesting outcome anyway. I love the idea of how buildings stay the same with some modification but more interestingly how nature grows and develops, e.g. a tree by the church is now massive comparisons to when the photographic postcard was taken. I often wonder if the tree could talk what stories would they tell and imagine when I am gone hopefully the tree will still be there.



Week 2 Forum: ‘Joywar’

Joy Garnett is known for her paintings inspired by accessible digital images. Following an exhibition of her work in 2004, Garnett received a cease and desist letter citing infringement of copyright, from a lawyer representing Susan Meiselas. After a debate, which became known as ‘Joywar’, both put forward their perspectives in an article for Harpers Magazine titled ‘On the Rights of the Molotov Man’.

I have mixed feeling regarding this issue, we all use other people’s work for inspiration and reference but I think there is a moral lesson here. I personally feel it’s wrong to take someone’s else’s work and turn the work into your own. It does depend on the concept and the purpose in which the work is being used for. My work represents me and if my work was being used for a negative reason then I wouldn’t be happy.


Week 2 Activity: Make a Trailer:

For this activity, I needed to create a short teaser trailer for your practice or project (max. two mins). I have chosen to produce this project on my own. I have included a range of short videos and images I have taken which relate to my theme of nature.



This was a new experience for me, I haven’t really explored video before but I actually enjoyed this task. Using all my work to remix a new outcome, ok there are areas for improvement but that is what learning is all about.

Week 3 Activity: Making Zines:

Unfortunately, due to personal circumstance, I was not able to work within a group but I still wanted to take part in the activity so I created my own Zine. I used an app on my iPhone called Postsnap. I was able to select images which are related to my project proposal and created a print out of my work in the form of a photo magazine. I have included images of the final outcome. I really enjoyed seeing my work printed and it was a positive activity. I have included 22 images and the size of the Zine is 6 by 6 inches. I made the flow of the book was connected to colour which changed the mood of the viewer.


Week 4 Activity: Hands Off!

I found this activity very challenging and made me really think about how I use my equipment to take photographs. My first idea was to go on YouTube and watch a video and screenshot at different intervals to create my images. Of course the video wasn’t my and I didn’t feel right. I felt like my passion of interaction was missing. The YouTube clip: I love how time was the theme and how beauty slowing emerges.

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Then I remembered a workshop that I actually really wanted to attend but couldn’t get booked in. Last year I went to view the Shape of Light Exhibition and the workshop was called:

So I have dont my own research on Chemigrams. The whole process is fascinating it’s both a bit of art and a bit of photography.

Week 5 Activity: Roadmaps

Create a ‘roadmap’ for the next six weeks. This doesn’t need to be a very detailed plan but it should give a sense of what you aim to produce and how you will go about achieving it.

Please do consider the following:

  • Title of your work/project, with 3–5 keywords;

Title: Enchantment with Nature






  • Methods/methodology you will be exploring;

I will be exploring macro photography and experimenting with a range of different lenses. I am focusing on the human connection with nature and how it can have a positives therapeutic effect on the human soul. I am fascinated with the use of colour and the connection to our emotions. Colour has a massive impact on our surroundings and reflects how we feel and respond.

  • Number of shoots you will need;

I am constantly shooting and visit many locations. I am a member of the English Heritage, National Trust and The Kent Garden Scheme.

  • Possible outcomes and where to show them;

I really want to showcase my work with my physical location. I have made connections with a gallery in Tonbridge but no outcome from this yet. I have decided to use an online virtual Exhibition site.

  • The results you are looking for/expecting;

At the moment I have been increasing my following on Instagram and my first target is a 1000 followers. To this date, I have reached 740. I would love to explore setting up my own YouTube channel which helps others with macro photography and also the editing side. I have learnt new skills which have helped with my own photography and that is photo stacking.

  • The relationship between this work/project and overall research for the MA.

The relationship is connected to my project because I am developing my technical knowledge. I wish to explore art therapy which would be very beneficial to my project.