Exhibition Brief

It is recommended that each student set up a local display / online showcase of their work, which is accessible and viewable to the public for a period of seven days. General guidance about choosing spaces/places will be provided in Week 6 should you need it.

The size, scale and format of the work displayed is entirely the decision of each student but the work must be from your current research project, and relevant to its development. As exhibitions are a common means of sharing work produced, we suggest thinking of this as an opportunity to test how an audience engages with and interprets your work. Innovative online displays of digital work.

Exhibitions are recommended to take place from August 16 to August 25 with any opening parties (if you choose to have one) advised taking place on August 16.

Individual responsibilities

  • Work to be exhibited (from current projects).
  • Space/place for exhibition (e.g. galleries, cafes, offices, libraries, online).
  • Individual web page/gallery of own design (e.g. Squarespace).
  • Local exhibition information (e.g. venue, location, directions, social media).
  • Promotional images / materials (e.g. installation views, production stills, documentary videos).
  • Optional: Co-ordinated opening parties / live events / artist talks / catalogue


gemma_ryder_-_enchantment_with_nature_-_2019-08-14_-_kunstmatrix-2.com (1)