Workshop Brief


Whereas exhibitions and publications provide an opportunity for audiences to experience photographs as outcomes, a workshop provides an opportunity to experience how images are produced. In this way, workshops provide a direct link to the photographer, which can often have a long-lasting impact upon the audience, especially within a learning environment (e.g. a school or university). This activity, therefore, asks you to create a workshop that relates to your current project, the experience of which may help you with your research.

What and who?

A workshop is intended to share part of your practice and could focus on a specific method or technique, or perhaps even a subject/theme. A successful workshop will usually be well-organised (in terms of time, logistics and materials), with a small amount of information delivery, a hands-on activity, a chance to reflect upon the activity, and direct feedback from the facilitator (i.e. the photographer). Guidance about workshops will be provided in Week 8 should you need it, but it is worth considering at this time what you could share and with whom. Think about what you are good at or what you know that others may not. Potential participants may include:

  • University students (undergraduate / post-graduate).
  • School groups (a basic DBS (Links to an external site.) may be useful if based in the UK).
  • Local community groups.
  • Company employees.
  • Charities.
  • Those taking evening classes.

I work within a secondary school environment the age range is 11-18. I teach art and photography and have been asked to create an exhibition in which the students can show their work. The theme of the project is related to the V2 Exhibition Remembrance and Fragments. This is not directly linked to my theme of Enchantment of Nature but is related to the theme of time. The exhibition will be held at:

Royal Engineers Museum, Gillingham

I have included the powerpoints which will be used for the lessons. The project isn’t to start until Septemeber 2019.


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